This page is for distributing my UT creations. Click on the links to read a description of the item and/or downlod it. If you absolutely must have eye candy at any site you download from, check out my Chess Tutorial Page.
And while you're at it, take a look at my first game published: r0x0r.

Note: if your browser shows a bunch of garbage when downloading Umods, right-click on the download link and select "Save as" on the popup menu.





BotKicker class for making jumppads in your levels


Poltergeist Mutator. Hilarious "hot potato" style gameplay with a twist.

DeathBall Mutator. Replaces redeemer with the new DeathBall Weapon.

Whirlwind Mutator and/or standalone level effect. Have a roaming tornado in your levels.

ExtraCam Beta

Joust Mutator

New Redeemer Arena. Redeemer arena with 999 ammo.

DamageBeep Mutator. Plays a beep when you damage someone.