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Snakeeyes & Serpentine Widgets presents BotKicker. Big steenking deal.

-----------Notes for level designers:-----------------
The class is found in Triggers->Kicker->Botkicker.

This was made to correct the problem with bots using kickers. They don't react normally and will jump too high and miss the landing area.

You may need to use LiftExit & LiftCenter Tags (and possibly even put in a lift that doesn't do anything other than have a Tag) to explain to the bots how to use this thing. The lift is also a handy way to make the sounds for the kick action.

This special kicker will affect creatures (By default only bots) only if they are moving upward when they hit it. If you want it to also affect players, change the Kicker->KickedClasses from "Bot" to "Pawn" in the properties box.

If the creature's Z velocity is less than BotKicker->MinZVelocity, they won't be affected. Adjust this according to your level's needs.

If Kicker->bKillVelocity is true, creature's velocity will be zeroed before kicking occurs.

You can also change the collision radius and height if needed. It's in Properties->Collision. The easiest way to see how to line up your stuff is to Turn on Actors->Radii View in the menus of the viewports to see the collision boxes, and then add a MaleBotPlus so you can see where their boxes will collide.


This code is about 10 characters different from the original kicker code. That's how easy it is for level designers with ANY programming experience to make custom stuff for their UT levels. I wouldn't touch this type of crap in WinQuakeWithColoredLighting (Q2) or Quake3rdAttempt (Q3A) with a stolen 10 foot pole, Thanks Epic for making a *truly* editable game and a real editor! :)))))