Click to download The DeathBall mutator/mod DeathBall Launcher by Serpentine Widgets

This mutator replaces the redeemer with the DeathBall Launcher. This weapon respawns every 30 seconds like any standard weapon, but like the redeemer is unaffected by weapons stay. You get two shots per pickup with this weapon because it is not necessarily as easy to use and deadly as the redeemer.

note: the screenshots show an enforcer because you can't see anything with that stupid redeemer model in the way. The redeemer is actually used for the weapon. :)

The primary firing mode fires out a stream of eight 16" steel balls which bounce around the level, throwing out sparks when they hit stuff, until they hit either a player, gibs, or water, or until 10 seconds expires. At either point, they will explode and throw a few pieces of shrapnel. It generally takes 2-3 ball hits to kill a player.

The alternate firing mode plops out a huge crystal ball, about 4 feet in diameter, which will bounce toward the nearest visible player other than the owner, and will detonate after 20 seconds if nothing has been hit by then. Being hit by this projectile usually ends up being fatal, but not always.

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Programming - Snakeeyes
Model - Desiato (it takes lots of talent to make a sphere, really! ;-)

Use of this package to obtain profit, either directly or indirectly, will result in contact from an unpleasant lifeform known as an attorney.