Click to download DM-GhostShip
DM-GhostShip is a level by Serpentine Widgets. This umod will install the level, custom textures, and custom script stuff in the appropriate places. Just point it to your UT dir and it will do all the work.

This level is for DM, and includes Bot support.

Known Bugs: Nothing worthy of note.



This ship was abandoned when an energetic entity "took over." It kept claiming that all of their technological devices were imprisoning its friends and would often drag the crew around the ship trying to take their stuff away. The crew finally left the ship when the being converted their warp core into a singularity generator which the being uses as a source of food.

Ok, now that the lame plot is out of the way, here's what's in the level:
-The aforementioned energy being.

-A new item: GravBoots (you'll see...)

-A new effect: a singularity. If you have any powerups when it is activated, this will suck you in and gib the crap out of you. GravBoots make you immune to the gravitational pull of the singularity.

-Redeemers are present in the level underneath the lifts. The lifts WILL crush you if you are too slow, and the redeemers only respawn once every 90 seconds so there is no overproliferation of nukes on this level.

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Use of this package to obtain profit, either directly or indirectly, will result in contact from an unpleasant lifeform known as an attorney.