This mod allows you to place cameras in your levels that players can use to see other parts of the level by activating a trigger. You can look at the sample map (ExtraCam.unr) included with this package to see how they work. Just run up in front of one of the control panels and you'll see.

-------------GENERAL INFO-------------------------------------------------------

Features in this Mod:
-still, rotating, and panning cameras. -FOV of each camera can be set to anything.
-Cameras can be destrictible or invulnerable.
-When the camera is partially damaged, it will arc and spark, and the view will display static a percentage of the time based on how damaged it is. (*needs improvement)
-Cameras can be made to display occasional static even if they are not destructible.
-Multiple cameras (up to 10) can be viewed from one control panel.
-The same camera can be viewed from multiple (up to 10) control panels.
-IOW, you could have a control panel that views odd cameras, another that views evens, and another that views all of them.

Known Issues, bugs, things worthy of mention:
-Camera mesh Model/skin isn't ready yet. Mod currently uses a Spotlight mesh from Unreal. Custom meshes will include rectangular-type cameras, and those hemisphere/spherical silver camera thingies like they have in stores. -Rotating cameras and Pitch-panning cameras don't rotate properly unless you are connected to a dedicated server. Yaw-panning and everything else works fine, though.
-Camera Rendering is done on top of the regular rendering, meaning your framerate is lower while viewing through the camera. Level designers: It is helpful to put your viewing consoles where the player will be facing a nearby wall while looking through the camera (but it's not absolutely necessary, lower framerates will be more tolerable when viewing through a camera)
-Sparking effects are not yet as cool as they should be.

Coming Features:
-Player-pannable camera class. Will turn at a fixed rate toward the player's viewing angle.

-(if possible and practical) Scripted texture (or some kind of other hack) for use on control panel so you can kinda see the camera views as a texture before activating the camera.
-Droppable cameras as a pickup item. (will utilize the same hud type)

Download ExtraCam Beta 1 (1.6MB)