Click to download Joust.umod

This is a simple mutator that allows players to "fly" by pressing a key that lifts them into the air somewhat. Hit the flap key repeatedly to sustain flight.

Note: Users must bind a key to "mutate flap" in order for this to work. The following can be added to the user.ini in the list of keys:

Shift=mutate flap

This would, for example, make the shift key the flap key.


In the console, type:

set input keyname mutate flap

where keyname is the name of the key you want to use...

Features to be added to this mutator if/when I get around to it:

-Menu item to enable keybinding.

-Option to select "Joust Mode" where all weapons are removed and players must "joust" to kill each other.

-graphics for wings that will animate when flapping.

-graphics for a lance.

Snakeeyes/Serpentine Widgets.