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Poltergeist by Serpentine Widgets

This mutator alters gameplay by adding a "target" to the game. The player/bot who is the target has the goal of surviving for the allotted length of time. If he survives, he will be awarded bonus frags. However, to make things more interesting:

1- The "target player" attracts projectiles. IOW Any projectiles within a specified distance and with a line of sight to the target will be pulled in toward that player.

2- The target glows bright blue and is surrounded by a bright blue shell to make him more visible.

3- The target is given 100 extra health points (up to a max of 200) when he becomes the target. If he survives, his health will be dropped to 100 if it is still over 100.

Several options are available for how the server chooses who will become the next target: 1- Totally Random. Like it says, it just picks a random player.

2- Weighted Random. The more frags you have, the more likely you are to be picked. If you have 40% of the frags out of all the frags everyone has, you will be 40% likely to be picked.

3- Killer Becomes Target. If the target survives or suicides, he will become the target again until killed by another player.

4- Poltergeist. A flying entity zips around the level searching for someone to fly into. Whomever is hit becomes the target. Warning: this mode is only supported for single-player or botmatch games, as the network code for the flying entity is not yet perfected. Do not run a server with this mode.

Double-click on the Umod file. Follow instructions.

There are several additional parameters that can be changed:
SurvivalBonus - The number of frags a player gets for surviving.

Stay Target Time - The amount of time a player must survive to collect the bonus.

AttractRadius - How close a projectile must be to the target before it is affected. The larger this number is, the more performance it will cost. 1500 (approx 125 feet) is the default.

AttractStrength - How hard the target pulls on projectiles. Note that projectiles are pulled based on their default speed, and a terminal velocity is applied, so cranking up this number will not affect the speed of the projectiles, only the angle at which they curve.

Voice Announcements - These turn on/off the voice messages for events. Other Targeted and Other Destroyed can get very obnoxious in a game with a lot of action, so they are off by default.

Rotate Projectiles - This is a realism feature. If this is turned on, rockets and redeemer warheads will look more realistic when they are affected by the target because they will actually be made to face the direction they are moving. It is recommended that you leave this turned off unless you are playing single-player on a fast machine. If you are running a server, everyone on the server will be slowed down by this...

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Programming & SoundFX - Snakeeyes

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