Click to download The Whirlwind mutator/mod Whirlwind is a mutator and level mod by Serpentine Widgets.

This package contains a Whirlwind object that will roam around the level using the level's navigation points. When sighting any players or bots, it will move toward the closest one. When any players are within range, it will start affecting them by swirling them around and, if the option is turned on, "Pinata" them by tossing all of their possessions out.

The Whirlwind can be added to existing levels via a mutator, or it can be built into a level so that it will be there whether or not the mutator is chosen.

To use it as a mutator, first you must ensure that all clients have this mod because it contains a custom mesh and texture for the tornado model. Then just add it aas a mutator. If you don't like the way it behaves, you can play with the settings in the Whirlwind.ini file.

To add a whirlwind to a level at design time, just place a Triggers->WhirlwindControl into the level and choose the settings you want in the properties. The defaults are fine, but if you want to change them to fit your level, you are welcome to do so. Note that the settings on the controller will be passed to the whirlwind(s) when it spawns them. Also note that adding a Projectile->Whirlwind instead of the controller will not work as well, as these are projectiles and may end up disappearing forever during the game.

Note: if you change the defaults, do NOT use "AffectsProjectilesToo" unless you are 100% sure it will always be used in single player games only. Projectiles are all handled client-side, and no players will be able to see these effects, which will create incredibly confusing and stupid gameplay.

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Programming - Snakeeyes
Model/Animation - Desiato
Note: The pinata effect was inspired by, and uses modified code from the pinata mutator, so thanks go out to shiftre for his mut that gave me a starting point in figuring out how/where to intercept this stuff.
Use of this package to obtain profit, either directly or indirectly, will result in contact from an unpleasant lifeform known as an attorney.