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No point in repeating what’s already there. Here are links to some information sources for cornsnake husbandry. I generally prefer to read several sources of information to get more than one point of view. Be sure to also google for care sheets too.

For your browsing convenience, caresheet links will open in a new browser window.

Cornsnake Care, Housing, and Feeding at South Mountain Reptiles

Caresheet for Snakes at South Florida Breeding Center

Corn Snakes The Comprehensive Owner's Guide (available at Kathy Love’s is a great source of information for any cornsnake keeper or enthusiast. This book covers every aspect of caring for and breeding corns,  has background information, and great pictures and explanations of a lot of cornsnake morphs.

Corn Snakes In Captivity by Don Soderberg is available at In this book Don goes through many details about selecting, caring for, and breeding corn snakes.

If you have cornsnakes, you really should have these two books.

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