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Genetics Tutorial index of pages:
1- DNA8- Recessive
2- Codons9- Inheritance
3- Proteins10- Punnett Squares
4- Mutations11- More Punnett Squares
5- Chromosomes12- Is It Het?
6- Chromosome Pairs13- Double Mutants
7- Something-zygous14- Links & Glossary
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You’ve probably seen something like the picture at left. This is a graphic representation of DNA. DNA is a substance that encodes all the information needed to build and keep an animal working.

The first part of this tutorial will be a quick demonstration of how DNA is involved in mutations, such as amelanism in snakes.
DNA is a long strand of “base pairs” as seen below. Blue always matches up to yellow, and green always matches up to red. The sequence of these base pairs is what encodes the information.

Each group of 3 base pairs is called a codon. There are 64 different combinations, and each one stands for something. These codons are kind of like the letters in our alphabet: when put together, they can spell out how to build a protein.

A gene is a group of codons. The gene below contains the instructions for how to make a specific protein.

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