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Some other morphs are unproven or unique. There are also a few detrimental genes known.

Short-tail is a dominant gene which causes minor spinal defects in the tail of the snake. The snake is not at any health risk or in any pain from this defect. Breeding trials showed the gene is dominant. There is also a possibility that it is lethal in the homozygous state but no evidence for this has surfaced yet. This gene, since it is not recessive, can easily be eliminated from any breeding colony by not breeding any short-tails.

Stargazing is a symptom of an unknown neurological defect, which in cornsnakes is now known to be caused by a recessive gene. Detailed information about stargazing is available here. Several videos show the behavior of a stargazer on youtube.

Paradox is a generic term for many different types of anomolies. Usually it is an amel which has splotches of black pigment, or an anery with splotches of red pigment. Thus the "paradox" of an unpigmented/pigmented snake. Some of these may be chimeras, meaning they are completely conjoined fraternal twins, so that the body of the snake has cells which originated from two different fertilized eggs. A chimera can have any two different morphs involved, and the cells originating from each egg will produce the correct pigmentation for that particular morph. Chimerism isn't really reproducible, the egg/sperm cells produced by a chimera will have come from either one or the other cell lines, and not a mixture of both. Lava corns also sometimes have a blotchy effect which is called paradox.

Wide Stripe is a type of aztec. Several different lines of this type of appearance have been found, and the inheritence mode of each is being investigated.

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