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WARNING: Your browser does not support HTML5 or the canvas element. Snake Measurer will not work with this version of this browser!

Select an image file on your computer,
then press the Use This Image button

(Max filesize for this method is 4 megabytes)

If your image is already on the internet,
enter the URL and press Use This Image

No more clunky 1996 technology!
Snake Measurer now works in your browser!
Tested in: Chrome 13, Firefox 3.6, Opera 11.5, Safari 5.1, Internet Explorer 9
Woohoo it's clunky 2011 technology instead!
If it works or doesn't work for you in a different browser
please email me and let me know. Thanks!

- Instructions -

  • Trying to find ratios of how much a shed stretches?
  • Trying to use a piece of string to measure a squirming snake?
  • Trying to find a tube to get your snake to crawl through?
  • Really curious about just how long your snakes are, but can't seem to find a really reliable method for measuring them?
Well, here ya go!

This version supports:
images bigger than your screen,
curved measurement, and
units including yards/feet/inches.

How to use Snake Measurer:

  • 1- Take an overhead picture of a snake
  • 2- Be sure to include something of a known size
  • 3- Be sure the snake is on a flat surface and your picture is from as square an angle as possible
  • 4- Select a picture using the above "Browse..." button
  • 5- Click on two points in the picture to set your ruler length
  • 6- Type in the known distance between the selected points (e.g. if you are using a 12-inch ruler, type in 12)
  • 7- Snake button will automatically activate
  • 8- Starting at one end of the snake, click on points along its spine until you reach the other end
  • 8a- If the curved path gets weird, it is because there's too much difference in the length of neighboring lines
  • 9- To go backwards (erase a dot along the line) click the erase button
  • 10- When you are done, you have a total length measurement in the units you provided.

For best results:

  • 1-The snake should be on a flat surface, and should be laying flat (not climbing...)
  • 2-The item used for the measurement standard (ruler, etc.) should be as close to the same distance from the camera as possible. Sitting the snake on a table and having it crawl over a piece of graph paper, a chessboard, or anything else that is easily measurable is best. Coins and other round items are not recommended because it is difficult to get a good straight line perfectly across the center of them in the program.
  • 3-The larger the item used for measurement, the better. If you have an item that is 1 inch long, and your snake is 50 inches long, and your measurement of the item is off by 1/16th of an inch, you are going to multiply that error by over 3 inches.
  • 4-The picture should be taken from directly overhead to keep the perspective from distorting the measurement. For example, if you took the picture at an angle and your ruler is in the back of the picture, the ruler will appear smaller than the snake from there, so the snake will measure out as larger than it is.

  • About this program:

    Snake Measurer is the best way to get an accurate length of your snake.
    Snake Measurer has been helping people measure their snakes since 2001.
    Snake Measurer is free to use. However, it is still copyrighted.
    Do not taunt Snake Measurer or put in microwave.
    All copyrights and trademarks used in this program are protected by international laws and treaties.
    If you want your friends to use this program, please link them to this page. :)

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