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The old site design was made in 2001. At that time I was heavily into 3-d rendering and used some graphics I had made using TrueSpace. The color schemes were dark with light text. was originally intended for r0x0r and the r0x0r forum, and my other programming, gaming, and graphics projects. But at the same time I got more involved in the online aspect of my cornsnake hobby. Since this was the only website I had at the time, I added the cornsnake section.

When I put up the cornsnake section of this site, I thought it might help a handful of people. Although I hadn't changed anything in many years, traffic to the morph library, genetics tutorial, and snake measurer have increased beyond anything I ever expected. When updating the morphs section, I decided the site needed an overhaul. I thought it would be better to put dark text on a light background, and use a non-serif font. These elements tend to make reading easier for most people.

The new site design uses a pencil-drawing theme. The logo, background, buttons, and dividing lines are all scans of drawings I made with pencil. I drew the logo based on a photo of DeLee, a phantom who tends to take beautiful head shots.

As always if you have any ideas to improve the site, let me know. I sincerely appreciate all of the "thank you" emails I have received over the years!

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