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What is r0x0r?


If you're wondering what r0x0r is, or why you should care what it is, here is some information that might make it easier to decide:

r0x0r's storyline

a quick description of r0x0r

r0x0r's impressive list of features


r0x0r's Storyline...

After many decades of painful war, we have finally defeated the evil invaders from the third dimension! It took the whole of our great civilization many years to gather the resources necessary to destroy the home of the invaders, a place they called Earth. But it paid off, and we've spent a long time celebrating our victory.

But even as the celebration continues, an unexpected danger approaches our home. Scientists have discovered that large fields of debris from Earth are now heading toward us, and will decimate our home if we don't do something about them. The space navy is now in search of pilots who can navigate these chaotic debris fields and destroy the huge showers of junk which threaten us.

Because of the critical nature of this mission, our fighters have been designed to utilize the state of the art in military technology. They can be armed with a multitude of weaponry. They can hold several different power-augmenting devices. Our scientists have even equipped them with an experimental new device known as a warp generator, which supposedly allows the fighter to move through the theoretical "third dimension," the existance of which is still being hotly debated.

Should you accept this mission, you will be immediately sent to the debris fields to begin the assault against the advancing globs of junk. Good luck!

A description of the game:

r0x0r is a game that captures the spirit of the video arcade games of the late 70's and early 80's. A lot of those games used what was called vector graphics, where everything on the screen was made of thin lines because there were no actual pixels. Some vector graphics games you might recognize from that era are Star Castle, Tempest, Star Wars, Star Trek, Asteroids, and Omega Race. r0x0r does a good job of emulating the look and feel of vector graphics games.

r0x0r also incorporates a lot of the elements that make many modern games a lot of fun. Virtually every element of the game is customizable and there is a wide variety of weapons and items that make gameplay more interesting. The sounds, graphics, weapons, items, and 45 options can all be changed. And you don't have to be an expert artist or math whiz to change the game to something that better suits your tastes.

The general idea of the game is "controlling chaos" or more like "getting along with chaos" as you are piloting a spaceship and trying to avoid smashing into a bunch of flying debris. Making the whole thing a little more challenging is the fact that your ship is not "point and go" like a car. Instead you must maneuver around the way a real spacecraft does, such as the space shuttle.

r0x0r's Features:

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    -Intense "white-knuckle" action.
    -Primary and secondary weapons (guns & missiles) plus powerups. [details]
    -Up to 4 player simultaneous multiplay* on one computer.
    -Free-for-all, Cooperative, and Team gameplay.
    -r0x0rRally racing mode: race your ship around tracks against human or AI opponents.
    -Optional Damage system: play with hit points or "you touch you die" mode.
    -AI-controlled enemy ships warp in to stir up the action.


    -Authentic-looking vector graphics.
    -Stereo sound effects utilizing Microsoft's DirectSound.
    -Stunning particle effects make "blowin' stuff up" even more fun.
    -Advanced physics engine for realistic physics:
      -Newtonian motion.
      -"To The Pixel" collision detection.
      -Realistic collision reactions.


    -Extensively customizable to match your tastes.
    -Virtually all game content is editable.
      -Space Junk
      -Ship graphics
      -Weapons & powerups
      -AI enemies
      -Gravity maps
      -Race tracks
    -Almost 50 options [see options list] can be set to your preferences.
    -Option sets can be customized, saved as [GameStyles], and then selected in the game.
    -[Control sets] can be customized, saved, and then selected in the game.

Hardware/System Requirements

    -Easy-going minimum system requirements: P200 MMX, 32Megs of RAM.
    -Runs smooth as silk on modern machines.
    -Supports Keyboard, Mouse, Joysticks, and Gamepads through Microsoft's DirectInput.
    -Rendering engine supports all resolutions, and no penalty for running in super-high res.

Other Great Features

    -Theme capability: r0x0r comes with 5 built-in themes, and allows players to download themes with new graphics, weapons, sounds, etc. Themes can be selected from the in-game menu.
    -[11 GameStyles] included with r0x0r. Make your own and exchange them with friends, too.
    -5 control sets included.
    -Built-in [console] for entering cheats and tweaking settings in-game.
    -Free [Valentine's Day theme] already available for download, and more to come.
    -r0x0r official website and [forum] where you can:
      -Get the latest news about r0x0r.
      -Find goodies to download.
      -Meet other players.
      -Help shape future addons and upgrades for r0x0r.
* Note: Multiplay means more than one person in the game at a time. r0x0r 1.x does not have LAN or internet multiplayer capabilities.
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