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Tuesday Aug 1, 2006

r0x0r is now freeware. Please note that some of the links (such as the forum) are dead. I have not had time to go through the site looking for dead links, and this site is now in place to give people a place to see what r0x0r is and to download it.

The following r0x0r Key enables the full version. Enter this when you start up r0x0r and it asks you for your registration information.


The r0x0r Megamix was originally intended as the music for a short video using animated captures from the game to show off gameplay. That never happened but the music is still fun to listen to. It starts out very plain-sounding but kicks into gear after about 30 seconds.

Friday Apr 20, 2001

Trying to finish up the next version. Many features have been added, including self-guiding missiles and bullets, and a few more weapons. Also a few bug fixes. Version 1.07 or 1.08 should be available for download next week.

I've determined that r0x0r doesn't play well with Win 2000. It looks like the DirectX joystick stuff is causing infinite loops, which explains why it just shows a blank screen when loading up. Also, the resolution detection/switching is different enough in Win2k to not work well at all. At this point I don't know if I will have time to get a Win2k-compatible version going anytime soon.

Monday Feb 19, 2001

Completed the uninstaller. It's now available for download. Still working on publicity, and can't wait to get back to working on themes and feature/spec additions.

Sunday Feb 18, 2001

r0x0r is released! Get it now from the download page. wooowoooo! :)

Feb 14, 2001

Happy Valentine's Day! It's a shame r0x0r didn't make release by today, because the Valentine's Day theme is pretty nifty. Not to worry, there will certainly be a St. Patrick's Day theme. :) Release is now tentatively scheduled for Sunday the 18th or Monday the 19th...

Feb 9, 2001

Theming code completed and Valentine's theme is done. r0x0r is ready for launch as soon as the order page is up.

Feb 4, 2001

Completed the ordering keygen, waiting for it to be added to the order server...

Jan 28, 2001

The forums are up and running. I'm still playing around with the looks of them, but they're good to go.

Jan 25, 2001

Webhosting and sales stuff is finally prepared. It looks like I'm going to make my target date of Feb 1 for release.